Twelfth Month New Moon & What was Nailed to the Tree, Not the Law!

Joseph F. Dumond

Joe Started Sightedmoon in 2005 to assist him in spreading his understanding of the Sabbatical and Jubilee Years according to Torah.
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Published: Feb 25, 2009 - (5856)
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News Letter 5844-052
1st day of the Twelfth month 5844 years after creation


February 28, 2009


Shabbat Shalom Brethren,

Brethren this News Letter is going out a day early to coincide with the announcement of the sighting of the New Moon which begins the twelfth month of this year. It is now time to begin to deleaven in earnest as the days of Unleavened Bread approach.

This is the time we remove all leavening agents from our home, and get rid of them. We do not take them to a neighbour so we can bring them back in our home after the 7 days of Unleavened Bread are over. That is like removing sin and then going back and diving back into it.

I am late in getting this out but here is the New Moon report from Nehemiah Gordon.
Karaite Korner Newsletter #366

New Moon Report
February 2009
Twelfth Biblical Month

On Thursday February 26, 2009 the new moon was first sighted from
Jerusalem by Nehemia Gordon at 17:40 and then a few seconds later by
Rilla Auzolat, Johan Schutte, and Anayahu Newman.

Rosh Chodesh Sameach!
Happy New Moon!

Nehemia Gordon
Jerusalem, Israel

A list of the expected Holy Days for 2009 are now on the home page at or you can go to this link

I also want to remind those of you who are going to be keeping the Sabbatical year this year, that you will need to stock up on Matzo’s. You will need enough for this year and to store enough for next year, as to be kosher you will not be able to purchase any next winter during the Sabbatical year.

Another note to consider. In Lev 25 we are told to store up food enough for two years. I have thought this meant that we should store enough food to last until the new crop comes in the year after the Sabbatical year is over.

In light of the famine that I have been speaking about, and in light of the fact that when I compare the life and times of Abraham to today, I see a definite corresponding relationship. The year Abraham left Harran to go to the land of Canaan was the second Sabbatical year which is what we are now about to enter into. The very next thing we are told is that there was a famine in the land. I have written on this in News Letter 5844-046 10,106 Proven Sabbatical Years and When You Come Into the Land which can be read at

Does this mean that we need to have food stored up for this Sabbatical year and for the next year as well because of the Famine? That is for 2009-2010 and for 2010-2011. It is your family and you need to study this out to decide. I do not know the answer for sure at this time.

Last week I wrote you about the famine in Kenya and asked you to consider our brethren there. I was given this link warning me about the frauds that come out Kenya on a regular basis. This is very sad to see. Am I the victim of such a fraud? I do not know and could very well be duped.

We do however have brethren in Kenya and we also have a group that is helping them and has trusted people on the ground there. So if you are moved to help but do not know how then I am suggesting that you contact Pastor Gerald Kirby of the I have spoken with Pastor Kirby a number of time over the past couple of years and I trust him.

On Shabbat Feb 28, 2009 I will be interviewed by Gil Burgos of It is a call in life show. If you want to listen or call in I would be glad to answer your questions. You can also go to to listen to the live show. Check the web site for times.

I have people reading these News Letters , many people from an SDA background. Seventh Day Adventist. I am also being investigated by the Adventist Watchdog Ministry. It has been a cordial and respectful exchange of views and I appreciate that.
This week I have an article that is written by a brother who still attends the SDA congregations. We meet together on the High days. I am telling you all this to warn you that this brother in proving his point is using Ellen G. White as part of his source material. I am also using this brother’s message precisely because he is using Ellen G. White as part of his source material.
I do not use her in any of my writings. I do have three articles where others have used her quotes, all in support of keeping the Holy Days as written in Lev 23.

This week as we get closer to Holy Days season many will say that the law was nailed to the cross. This, as many of you know is a lie. But how do we show this from scriptures. I would now like to present to you Flo Bors and I will let you go directly to his site and you can write to him and ask him the questions you may have after viewing his presentation, at

Once you have viewed his presentation I would like to share with you another article about the controversy of the Hebrew calendar and the Biblically Barley and Sighted Moon calendar. This can be read at Admissions on the calculated Rabbinical Calendar which is at In this article the author Brian Hoeck of Truth on the Web Ministries shows us that many of the leading religious organizations admit that the Hebrew Calendar is not correct and that we should be using a calendar based on the sighting of the moon to start the month. Yet they will not change their church doctrines in order to comply with Yahweh.

But to add to this I have the Jewish web site called the Israeli New Moon Society which you can access at

On the home page and I will include it here in case they change it later, it says the following;

The commandment (mitzvah) of sanctifying the month is the first one which the Children of Israel were commanded on leaving Egypt. This commandment is of great importance because the dates of the festivals, including over 60 commandments, depend on it. In addition to sanctifying months according to the appearance of the New Moon, the Hebrew calendar depends on leap years (extended by an extra month) that depend on the position of the Sun, ripeness of grains, etc.

For over a thousand years, the Hebrew calendar has been fixed by calculation. (Note the Torah has been given since Mount Sinai. Over 3388 years ago. It was changed from sighted to calculated a 1000 years ago.)Today, the Hebrew calendar does not match that fixed by observing the Moon. Even thought the gap between the two calendars continues to increase, we do not have the authority to alter the calendar until a new Sanhedrin (religious high court) is reestablished and is widely recognized. While sanctification of the month according to observation is not practiced today it is important to carry out calculations and practice observing the New Moon in order to be ready for when the Sanhedrin is reestablished. (My question is why do you have to wait for a group of men to give you permission to begin to OBEY Yahweh? Why wait, when you can start right now on your own. Just begin to OBEY! ) Likewise, there is increasing involvement in the Temple, red heifer, etc. Of course, we are not intending to change the current calendar (this is a task for an authorized Sanhedrin) but just to increase involvement in and embellish the Torah.

In recent years, a number of individuals and groups have begun to observe the Moon each month to practice for the commandment of observing the Moon and for determining criteria for the limits of visibility. There is still plenty of room to improve on the existing criteria using observations and analyzing them in relation to physical, meteorological and physical parameters. We, the Israeli New Moon Society, are asking the public at large to join us by trying to observe the New Moon at the beginning of each month. The Israeli New Moon Society was founded for this purpose by Rabbi Dr. Nachum Rabinovitch, head of Yeshivat Birkat Moshe, Maale Adumim. The society works with the Institude for Kiddush Hachodesh Studies and includes scientists and rabbis from Universities, Yeshivot and elsewhere.

The Israeli New Moon Society presents the subject from the point of view of Rabbinical Orthodox Judaism. Those interested in the use of new Moon sighting from different religious viewpoints should refer to the Moslem, Karaite, Christian and religious ideas that have evolved from a combination of Christianity and Judaism.

There you have it brethren, the Temple Mount Rabbi’s know the month begins with the sighting of the New Crescent Moon, yet they refuse to change and begin to OBEY Yahweh until they get permission from the Sanhedrin, which has not been a functioning body since shortly after the Temple was destroyed.

Basically you are not allowed to obey Yahweh because the Sanhedrin supersedes His commands. Not!!!

Here is a list of Groups who do keep the Barley to begin the year and the sighting of the moon to begin the month. Once you do this then you and even a child can know when the Holy Days will be just by counting. Where you can buy a wall calendar that tells you when each new moon will be seen. I urge you all to order one ASAP.

There are more of which I am not aware of at the moment.

Joseph F Dumond
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