Times Up! Condensed Version
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Joseph F. Dumond

Joe Started Sightedmoon in 2005 to assist him in spreading his understanding of the Sabbatical and Jubilee Years according to Torah.
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Published: Nov 25, 2006 - (5856)
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Times Up!

Condensed Version
By Joseph Dumond

I have had a number of people write me and tell me that although they like the article Times Up! No More Excuses!, they found it long. I have had similar comments concerning The Hidden Meaning of Pentecost. The other thing that many are saying is that it is difficult to read such long detailed article on the computer for extended periods of time. Others also say that they did not understand it. It was over their heads.

At the request of some I am going to capsulate those articles in this one brief report. I will attempt to summarize these articles to make for a much simpler read. Those who want more details or more proof’s will have to go to the original article for that information.

The urgency I have for this message is because of the conclusions that the scriptures reveal when all this information is put together. This is drawn from the scriptures and is not my own interpretation. This urgency is compounded by the fact that so many Christians are sound asleep and do not even realize how acclimatized they have become to the corrupted society all around us.

In The Hidden Meaning of Pentecost, we have shown that the way to count the wave sheaf offering starts on the first day of the week after the weekly Sabbath, and not after the first High Holy Day of Unleavened Bread. This is proven by the fact that Yahshua is represented by the wave sheaf offering which is made on the first day of the week.

This article also shows how Yahshua led a host of captives up to the Father as an example of the Harvest to come. This was the barley harvest which took place the day of Yahshua’s resurrection on the first day of the week. The second part of that wave sheaf offering is when the wheat offering is made at Pentecost 50 days later. Those who are followers of Yahshua will at that time be resurrected or changed to spirit beings. This is still a future event which will occur on the Day of Pentecost. I feel this day will happen during the last year of the tribulation.

The other point of the article is this. There are 7 Sabbath followed by another Holy Day, The 50th Day or Pentecost. This then ties into the Eighth Day article. The Eighth Day is the Eighth Day of the Feast of Tabernacles. There are 7 days of the Feast followed by the Eighth Day which is also a Holy Day.

The importance of this is in understanding the many examples the Scriptures provide us of cleansing of an ailment for 7 days, and then on the eighth day it was presentable to Yahweh as being clean.

The article also shows you how Satan is trying to represent himself as god by having people worship him on the eighth day of the week. The day of the Sun.

If you can understand these two articles, then when we consider them in relation to the Jubilee and Land Rest years the relationship is obvious.

Every one of the Holy Days was set up to be a shadow picture of future events. We now know that Passover and Pentecost are pictured by the Death of Yahshua at Passover, and The Torah and the Holy Spirit were given on Pentecost. The Fall Holy Days are still yet to be fulfilled.

But the Land Rest Years and the Jubilee years are also a shadow picture of things to come. How is this?

Understand that Pentecost and the Eighth Day are representative of the Jubilee Year. The giving of the Holy Spirit after the 7 days of cleansing. After the 7 thousand years of cleansing the earth. Once the earth has been prepared for 7 thousand years, once all the shadow pictures have been fulfilled, concerning the High Priest of Yahshua, then the final Holy Day is acted out in real life. The Eighth day of the Feast, as does the day of Pentecost and the Jubilee year represent the day that Yahweh Himself will come and dwell with man on the earth. After the one thousand year reign of Yahshua. Have you ever considered why Yahshua only reigns a thousand years?

Why is there no 9th day? Because when Yahweh and Yahshua are both here on the earth there will be no more night. Their glory will be light for all time. There will be no more darkness.

This is the total shadow picture that the Holy Days represent. But in the short term how do they show us, who are His flocks, what is to come next?

When we understand that 2 Kings 19:29 is Yahweh Himself telling us when the 49th year Land Rest is and the 50th year Jubilee, we have a base to start from. This year is 701 BC and 700 BC. And is very well documented by many historians.

We can confirm this to be true by comparing it to many other land rest years as recorded in history and the scriptures. Thus when we calculate it forward we arrive at 1996 as the last Jubilee Year, which is also the first year in the next counting sequence.

Which Jubilee cycle are we in? Is it the last one or the 119th one? This is shown you in the Times Up! No More Excuses! Article. I believe we are in the 120th one or the last one. As it says in Gen. 6 . Yahweh has given man 120 periods of time. It is written as years but can also mean periods of time. Or 120 Jubilees.

When you multiply 119 Jubilee cycles of 49 years each you get 5831. 5831 represents the year 1995. The Jubilee year, 50th year is also year 1 in each of the Jubilee cycles. So 1996 is a Jubilee year and is also year 1 in the next cycle. This then makes this year of 2006, 5842. The year starts in Abib not Tishri.

Counting from 1995 by 7’s you end up with 2002, 2009, 2016, 2023, 2030, 2037, 2044, all as land rest years, and 2045 as the Final Jubilee Year. Which is announced on the Day of Atonement in the year before. At the Day of Atonement 2044 the Shofar is blown and the announcement made and the Year of Jubilee begins at the 1st of Abib.

It is now important for you to understand this. Each of the Holy Days we keep from year to year are set at a precise moment on a precise day. It is imperative that we keep these days at the right time so that we can understand the timing part as well. This has lead to those articles I have written on the importance of the new moon.

If you equate the Jubilee year with the Eighth Day and the Day of Pentecost, and consider them as the same then something marvelous can happen.

To understand the following you must do this. On a new full piece of paper going down from the top, mark out the year 2045 as the Jubilee Year. Count down until you arrive at 1996. Mark out the Land Rest years as shown above. In a column beside this one, do the following. Across from the Jubilee year of 2045 put down the Eighth Day. Across from 2044 is the 7th day of the Feast of Tabernacles or the Last Great Day.

7 days before the Last great day was the Beginning of the Feast of Tabernacles and it corresponds to the year 2037.

The Day of Atonement is five days earlier and corresponds to 2032. Take note this does not match up to a Land rest year.

The Feast of Trumpets is again 9 days before Atonement and this corresponds to 2023, another Land rest year.

This is all interesting on it’s own, but what does it mean to us today? It has great meaning when we consider what is happening from 1996 on ward. We must connect the two ends together to understand the whole package.

In Leviticus 23, we told of the Holy Days. We are told these are the only Days we are to keep. In Leviticus 25, 26, 27 we are told of the Land Rest Years and the Jubilee years. We are also told that if we don’t keep them as commanded then these curses will overcome you. In Jeremiah and in Daniel we are shown just how serious Yahweh takes it when we do not keep these Land Rest years.

We are told that if we do not obey then Yahweh will send terror on us. Then if we do not repent then He will send 7 times more plaques on us in the form of drought. Then again if we will not yet repent He will send 7 times more the plague of attacking animals. And finally if we still are stiff necked then He will send 7 times more upon us a plague of war.

So many are looking for the signs of the times that they all have just missed the biggest signs given to us. I am screaming for every one to wake up and look at what is being said by Yahweh, not me, but He Himself has said it from the beginning.
1996 was year one of this present cycle of years. 1996 Osama Ben Ladin declared war on the USA, and Terror attacks escalated. Mark that on your chart.

We all know times time and half time is three and half years in prophecy, but do we know that 7 times is 7 years. So 7 years after the Terror starts, drought is to begin. This is 2002. Are you aware that at the time of this writing in 2006 the hottest years on record are 2006, 2005, 2004, 2003, 2002, in that order. Mark that beside the year 2002 on your chart.

Next is to be animals attacking humans in epidemic proportions. This is to start in 2009, seven year after the heat wave has started. These animal attacking continue for 7 years until the 4th curse begins in 2016. That is war. So mark these two on your chart, 2009 animal attacks, 2016 war. The terror does not stop, nor does the heat wave, nor the animals attacking, nor the war, until we either repent or are decimated. Which is when? 7 year after 2016 or 2023.

We must now pause and understand who we are talking about. Yahweh has from the beginning been working with Israel. They are to be the priest and they were to learn how to worship Yahweh and teach the rest of the world. Yahweh is still working with Israel, and we need to know who is Israel. The United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, England. Holland, France, Sweden, Finland, Norway, Ireland, Scotland. Mainly the Anglo Saxon race. Saxon mean the son of Isaac.

There are those who feel the USA is Babylon. This is a grave mistake. Europe is Babylon as told to us by the Prophet Daniel, and the Roman Catholic Church is the whore that rides the beast and will be devoured by it. Babylon is to be headed by Satan.

Once Yahweh has allowed Babylon to punish Israel by destroying her the Judgement of Yahshua begins in 2023. This is the Day of Trumpets. Is this the year of His return? I do not know for sure.

Looking at the Day of Atonement and its corresponding year of 2032, we can fit the plagues that come upon Babylon in here. The first five seals have taken place since the death of Yahshua in 31AD up to this time. The sixth seal takes place during this time.
The Trumpets plagues are each year up to the final year of 2032. That is the first trumpet plague starts in the year 2027, the second in 2028, the third in 2029, the forth in 2030, the fifth in 2031, the sixth in 2032. In 2033 is the Day of Atonement in the fall. Each of the seven vials that are now poured out are done so at each new moon when the Trumpet is sounded, starting with Abib and going to Tishri when the last one is poured out and Satan is locked away.

Whether or not you agree with me on the things as stated above, is not worth arguing over. But what is important are those things that are happening right now. Terrorism and the current heat wave. If we have an animal attacking human epidemic starting in 2009, then know for sure that a war is coming to destroy the Anglo Saxon peoples. Not just the USA. Few who read this will survive this war. Therefor all speculation of those things which are to come after are in vain!

It is now time for each of us as individuals to repent and study into the word of Yahweh to learn more of His ways while we have time. You can not learn it all over night. It takes time to read and to put into practice those things that are contained in the Word of Yahweh. Don’t make the mistake of thinking you can put this off until the last moment.

To read the full version which has those things stated above in greater detail please go to: TImes Up


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