the Month of Abib; Vernal Equinox or Tekufah; California’s Drought and the Great Depression #2 The Panic Begins

Joseph F. Dumond

Joe Started Sightedmoon in 2005 to assist him in spreading his understanding of the Sabbatical and Jubilee Years according to Torah.
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Published: Mar 2, 2009 - (5856)
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News Letter 5844-053
9th day of the Twelfth month 5844 years after creation


March 7, 2009


Shabbat Shalom Brethren,

Last Shabbat I was interviewed on Let’s Talk Moshiach radio by Gil Burgos. If you go to click on Episode 43 you can listen to this interview. Gil says he wants to do more with me very soon. I look forward to this.

This interview was then picked up by another brother at Hit the pause button on the music and then scroll down to Take Time to Listen to this very Sobering Prophecy! And hit the play button.

May Yahweh take this message every where!

Also last Shabbat brethren in Australia spent the Sabbath watching the DVD which you can do at for free.

Here are the comments that they sent to me.

Hi Joseph,

Well, did it get a good reception from all the fellowship !! And then some !!

One elderly couple are going over to New Zealand to witness to friends there and are taking a copy with them to copy for their friends.

We all sat around in a very casual atmosphere for the DVD.

First there was a very good introduction to the relevant parts of scripture and then we had a buffet (everyone brought a plate of food to share) and sat down to the DVD.

People who had a confused idea of things soon had any confusion removed.

Rabbi Samuel had mentioned all the tricks that “Old Hairy Legs” (Satan) had used over the length of history against the plan for Greater Israel to come to fruition.

Believe me the impact was very clear and even though the subject matter is a very somber one it has helped in ways that nothing else can.

Many thanks brother !!

The time was most memorable and we all owe a great debt of gratitude to you mate

Thank you,


We had the DVD teaching today and it was absolutely fantastic, we all enjoyed it very much and look forward to working closely with you also and your ministry in these last days, I also hope that you will consider the same.


Shalom Brother Joseph,

Well, all is set for Shabbat tomorrow.

I sat down with Rabbi Samuel and watched the DVD.

Mate !!! Beeeeuuuuutiful !!!!

You are definitely RIGHT ON THE BUTTON !!

Samuel is so impressed he has made a change to his plans for Shabbat and will have an informal gathering for all to watch the DVD on a large screen TV.

This will get the message he has been trying to get across for so long.

Comfort zone has gone out the window !!

Brethren please do as this brother has done and sit down with your leadership and show them this DVD of the Jubilee message.

This week brethren a brother told me that his friend was a Jew and became Catholic. After a while he went on to become a Buddhist. No matter how hard this friend tired he could not convince this man to come back to Torah. Somehow that man saw the DVD Chronological order of Prophecies in the Jubilee and came immediately back to Torah. The first brother contacted me wanting to know how I did it when he could not.

Another brother has been sharing the DVD on the commuter train and now has a few people who were not interested in religion and are now keeping Torah.

Recently I have found a large group of Torah keepers and have been engaging them about the Jubilee message. We only have a few weeks until the month of Aviv is here. I am asking you all to pray to Yahweh and to ask that He delay the Barley being Aviv.

Yes ask Yahweh to give us another month so these brethren will have time to check out the Jubilee message and begin to get ready for the Sabbatical year. For their sakes I am asking you to pray so that they can have more time to get ready. This is new to many and it takes time for them to study it out.

I know it is highly unusual for there to be two 13 months in consecutive years. It has not been seen in modern times. But if it is Yahweh’s will to give these other brethren more time then we must ask. Please pray until we hear whether or not the Barley is ready. Then we will have our answer.

Remember Yahweh stopped the Sun and the Moon for Joshua, so he could finish his slaughter of the Canaanites. Yahweh also moved the sun back for Hezekiah as proof he was not going to die. We are asking that He delay the Barley one month so that these people who are just finding out about the Sabbatical year have more time to prove it out.

Nehemiah Gordon wrote an email tonight in which he said he did not know when the Sabbatical year was. Someone had written him and asked him. This is good as most of the leaders in the Messianic movement now know of it. Most of them have rejected it or are not doing anything about it. Please continue to share this message, but also provide the proof so that these leaders can investigate it. Some are changing. You brethren are the reason they are changing, I have heard from so many pastors and Rabbis, and they are not all giving out compliments. Some are, so please keep telling as many as you can on Face Book and twitter, and Yahspace, and everywhere you can. Ask Yahweh to give us a little more time to share this message before the door is closed and then these people will have to deal with the famine and epidemics that He has promised will come during this next 7 year Sabbatical cycle.


Last Friday I was given by a number of brethren the news that follows.

Schwarzenegger declares Calif. drought emergency

Feb 27 06:58 PM US/Eastern
Associated Press Writer

SACRAMENTO, Calif. (AP) – Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger declared a state of emergency Friday because of three years of below-average rain and snowfall in California, a step that urges urban water agencies to reduce water use by 20 percent.

“This drought is having a devastating impact on our people, our communities, our economy and our environment, making today’s action absolutely necessary,” the Republican governor said in his statement.

Mandatory rationing is an option if the declaration and other measures are insufficient.

The drought has forced farmers to fallow their fields, put thousands of agricultural workers out of work and led to conservation measures in cities throughout the state, which is the nation’s top agricultural producer.

Agriculture losses could reach $2.8 billion this year and cost 95,000 jobs, said Lester Snow, the state water director.

State agencies must now provide assistance for affected communities and businesses and the Department of Water Resources must protect supplies, all accompanied by a statewide conservation campaign.

Three dry winters have left California’s state- and federally operated reservoirs at their lowest levels since 1992.

Federal water managers plan to temporarily cut off water this March to thousands of California farms. The state has said it probably would deliver just 15 percent of the water contractors have requested this year.

Schwarzenegger declared a statewide drought in June but stopped short of calling a state of emergency. His 2008 executive order directed the state Department of Water Resources to speed water transfers to areas with the worst shortages and help local water districts with conservation efforts.

Over the last few weeks, storms have helped bring the seasons’ rain totals to 87 percent of average, but the Sierra snowpack remains at 78 percent of normal for this time of year. State hydrologists say the snowpack must reach between 120 to 130 percent of normal to make up for the two previous dry winters and replenish California’s key reservoirs.

Court decisions intended to protect threatened fish species also have forced a significant cutback in pumping from the Sacramento-San Joaquin delta, the heart of the state’s delivery system.

The governor, farmers and lawmakers have argued for years that California must upgrade its decades-old water supply and delivery system and build new reservoirs.

“The situation is extremely dire,” said Tim Quinn, executive director of the Association of California Water Agencies, adding that the governor’s action Friday “underscores the urgency of serving the long-term structural problems.”

The state delivers water to more than 25 million Californians and more than 750,000 acres of farmland.

Schwarzenegger’s order leaves the door open for more severe restrictions later. Additional measures can include mandatory water rationing and water reductions if there is no improvement in water reserves and residents fail to conserve on their own.

At least 25 water agencies throughout the state already have imposed mandatory restrictions, while 66 others have voluntary measures in place.

The state prefers such local efforts so it does not have to call for statewide rationing, Snow said

Almond farmer Shawn Coburn of Mendota said the move comes too late for many growers who already are halfway through the season. Some farmers didn’t bring in bees to pollinate, while others sprayed their orchards with chemicals that keep nuts from forming.

“It’s too late,” he said. “It’s going to sound horrible coming from a farmer because you never turn down help, but come on, this thing is over with.”


Associated Press writer Tracie Cone in Fresno contributed to this report.

As we have been telling you for years now we are in the second curse of Lev 26:19 which says to you;
I will break the pride of your power; I will make your heavens like iron and your earth like bronze.

With no rain the earth becomes as hard as bronze. Will someone please tell Arnold Swartzeneger why California is suffering these things? It is because they will not keep Torah and obey Yahweh. It is that simple.

The reason I keep showing you these articles and the one at the end is because they are the physical proof that Yahweh is doing something here on earth. When will you begin to believe and act? That is, when will you return to Torah and keep ALL the commandments, which include the Weekly Sabbath on Saturday, and the Annual Holy Days, and the Sabbatical year which is going to start at Aviv 2009. Are you getting ready, or are you just reading these News Letters and doing nothing?

This week brethren as we get closer to the month of Aviv and the Passover Season, I again remind the new brethren it is time to deleaven your homes. This is where we get the spring cleaning idea from. You are to remove all leaven from your home by Aviv 15th which is the first day of Unleavened Bread.

Lev 23: 4 ‘These are the feasts of the Lord, holy convocations which you shall proclaim at their appointed times. 5 On the fourteenth day of the first month at twilight is the Lord’s Passover. 6 And on the fifteenth day of the same month is the Feast of Unleavened Bread to the Lord; seven days you must eat unleavened bread. 7 On the first day you shall have a holy convocation; you shall do no customary work on it. 8 But you shall offer an offering made by fire to the Lord for seven days. The seventh day shall be a holy convocation; you shall do no customary work on it.’ ”

Ex 12:15 Seven days you shall eat unleavened bread. On the first day you shall remove leaven from your houses. For whoever eats leavened bread from the first day until the seventh day, that person shall be cut off from Israel.

Ex 12:19 For seven days no leaven shall be found in your houses, since whoever eats what is leavened, that same person shall be cut off from the congregation of Israel, whether he is a stranger or a native of the land.

Ex 13:7 Unleavened bread shall be eaten seven days. And no leavened bread shall be seen among you, nor shall leaven be seen among you in all your quarters.

This week we have two more subjects that you need to be made aware of as we get closer to the New Year or Rosh Hashanah.

The first is Vernal Equinox or Tekufah at It is a short article about the Equinox which some say plays a part in the beginning of the year. This is written by Nehemiah Gordon who is both a Karaite Jew and Hebrew Linguist.

The second article this week is a movie by our brethren from North West Church of God and I had not looked at this video for three years. Oh how it made me yearn to go back to Israel. I have not seen the land when it was green. I have only seen it at Sukkot when it is brown and dry.

Please watch the video at called the Month of Abib. In this video are some remarkable interviews with Rabbi Roy Hoffman, which we have commented on last week, for those of you who are still arguing over the sighted moon versus the conjunctured moon, you need to listen to this interview.

On Monday the following article was on Yahoo. This followed Warren Buffets comments last Saturday which I quote from the WSJ. “Our country has faced far worse travails in the past,” he said. “Without fail, however, we’ve overcome them.” He declined to draw a correlation between stocks and economics, saying that while he was certain the economy would be “in shambles for 2009,” that “does not tell us whether the stock market will rise or fall.” He credited the government for stepping in with massive assistance last year, saying the intervention was “essential” to avoiding a total breakdown. But he cautioned there could be “unwelcome aftereffects,” such as inflation.

He contended the “investment world has gone from underpricing risk to overpricing it,” which he said is reflected by investor appetite for Treasury bonds. Future historians will comment on the Internet bubble of the 1990s and the housing bubble of the early 2000s, he said, but “the U.S. Treasury-bond bubble of late 2008 may be regarded as almost equally extraordinary.”
Note these three things; 2009 will be in shambles; inflation is a strong possibility; and U.S. Treasury bond is becoming another bubble that will break.

Why will the Treasury Bubble break? The US Bonds are money lent to the USA by other countries and individuals. The USA guarantees to pay them back plus interest. If the US Government defaults on repayment of these bonds, they become worthless pieces of paper. Keep in mind the size of the US debt as it grows larger than any one has ever imagined.

AIG gets new aid after record $61.7 billion loss
Mon Mar 2, 9:16 AM

(Reuters)NEW YORK (Reuters) – American International Group Inc posted a $61.7 billion quarterly loss, the biggest in corporate history, and reached a new government bailout deal after officials concluded the insurer was too big to be allowed to fail.

AIG, which got $150 billion of taxpayer aid last year, will get access to up to $30 billion of new government capital.

The new bailout avoids for now any crippling credit rating downgrades that could force AIG to come up with billions of dollars that it might not have.

“Given the systemic risk AIG continues to pose and the fragility of markets today, the potential cost to the economy and the taxpayer of government inaction would be extremely high,” the U.S. Treasury Department and the Federal Reserve said in a joint statement.

AIG, which operates in more than 130 countries, was once the world’s largest insurer by market value. Its shares rose 9 cents to 51 cents in pre-market trading.

The quarterly loss, AIG’s fifth in a row, equaled $22.95 per share, and compared with a year-earlier loss of $5.29 billion, or $2.08 per share. The latest quarterly loss equaled about $670.2 million per day, or $7,757 per second.

For all of 2008, AIG lost $99.29 billion, wiping out profit dating back to the early 1990s.

Major credit rating agencies left AIG’s medium investment-grade ratings alone after news of the loss and the new rescue package.

Moody’s Investors Service analyst Bruce Ballentine said he expected the government “will provide incremental support as needed to ensure that AIG can meet its obligations through this period of severe economic recession and market turmoil.”

The new bailout gives AIG more lenient terms on existing financing, and will give the government a preferred-share stake in two life insurance businesses.

AIG also announced plans to spin off part of its property-casualty business, to be renamed AIU Holdings.

The revamped rescue package is the third since last fall when the government stepped in to bail out AIG.

The Fed and the Treasury said AIG, which has counterparties around the globe, was so important to the U.S. economy and financial system that it needed more help.

“This will take time and possibly further government support if markets do not stabilize and improve,” they said in a statement.

(Reporting by Lilla Zuill and Jonathan Stempel; Additional reporting by Glenn Somerville in Washington, Editing by Ted Kerr)

Beginning Now: The Panic Phase of the Collapse
by Martin D. Weiss, Ph.D.
Dear Subscriber,

If you missed our latest video, “The 11 Laws of Bear Market Success,” or you want to watch it again, click here now for the recording.

The timing couldn’t be better. Indeed …

Just as the Obama Administration launches a triple tirade of new initiatives — a record stimulus package, a bigger round of rescues, and the largest deficit financing of all time …

Just as the Treasury Department doubles down on its bailouts for sinking giants — Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, AIG, General Motors, Chrysler, and Citigroup …

And precisely when the government has raised hopes for a recovery in 2010 …

The panic phase of this collapse is about to begin.

The panic phase is an acceleration in the economic decline … a chain reaction of debt explosions … a free-fall in the financial markets … and a series of rude awakenings that will accelerate the decline even further:

Rude Awakening #1
In a Collapse, Washington’s Economic Forecasting Models Are Worthless.

Economists rely on computer models designed to forecast gradual, continuous, linear changes, such as economic growth.
But these models are incapable of handling sudden, discontinuous, structural changes, such as housing market collapses, mortgage meltdowns, megabank failures, credit market shutdowns, or stock market crashes.

Already, as explained by the New York Times on Saturday,
“The fortunes of the American economy have grown so alarming and the pace of the decline so swift that economists are now straining to describe where events are headed, dusting off a word that has not been indulged since the 1940s: depression.”
They’re a bit late. Three months ago, in “Depression, Deflation and Your Survival,” we warned you that we were sinking into America’s Second Great Depression. And today, that’s precisely what’s happening.

But with no other model to turn to, most economists continue to forecast the future in terms of moderate, incremental changes.
In the panic phase now unfolding, a growing number will begin to realize how wrong they’ve been. They’ll see that this crisis represents a clean break with the past, rendering their forecasting models worthless.

Some already see the light. It’s only a matter of time before they admit it in public.

Rude Awakening #2
The Economy Is Sinking Three to Five Times Faster Than Expected.

Every single step taken by the Bush and Obama administrations has been based on the flawed assumptions embedded in their economic models. They assume that:
– the world economy is not collapsing …
– the banking system is not broken …
– corporations, investors, consumers and entire nations will not take drastic action to protect their own interests, and, therefore …
– we will not see widespread factory shutdowns, wholesale layoffs, mass dumping of assets, or major new trade barriers.

They assume that none of this is happening or will continue to happen. They assume that the six-decade growth cycle that began after World War II remains largely intact. They think, talk and act as though we were still living in an era that’s now over.

Each of these assumptions is, on the face of it, patently false. And yet, it’s based on these assumptions that our government continues to spend, lend or guarantee TRILLIONS of dollars.

Starting right now, however, we can begin to see the first signs of a rude awakening in that realm as well:
– The New York Times reports “a sense of disconnect between the projections of the White House and the grim realities of everyday American life.”
– Economist Allen Sinai calls the White House’s economic forecasts “a hope, a wing and prayer.”
– Even Obama advisor Paul Volcker admits this crisis is swifter and broader than that of the Great Depression — something that, at this juncture, most Obama advisers refuse to admit.

Despite all these doubts, however, the average GDP forecast of most private economists differs only marginally from the rosy forecasts of the White House. Specifically …

In 2009, the White House predicts the economy will contract by a meager 1.2 percent, while private economists predict a decline of only 2.0 percent.

The grim reality:
– The 6.2 percent plunge in the fourth quarter — plus a similar decline estimated for the current quarter — shows the economy is now sinking three to five times faster than they’re forecasting for the year.
– There is absolutely no sign that the decline is ending and every sign that it’s accelerating.
– Thus, to contain this year’s decline to the meager 1 or 2 percent that the government and private economists are projecting would require a comeback in the second half that’s nothing short of a miracle.

Great Depression chart GDP.bmp

In 2010, the White House says the economy will grow 3.2 percent, while private economists say it will grow 2.1 percent.
The grim reality:

– In America’s First Great Depression, the financial collapses beginning in 1929 led to GDP declines of 8.6 percent in 1930, 6.4 percent in 1931 and 13 percent in 1932.
– But in this cycle ” America’s Second Great Depression ” the financial collapses that we saw in 2008, such as Bear Stearns, Lehman Brothers, Fannie and Freddie, Washington Mutual, Wachovia, AIG, Citigroup and many others, were markedly worse than those of 1929.

That doesn’t necessarily mean that the GDP declines in 2009, 2010 and 2011 will be worse than those of the early 1930s. But it does mean that the 2 or 3 percent growth now forecast by private and government economists for 2010 is clearly a pipedream.

In the panic phase now unfolding, some prominent economists are now beginning to recognize their forecasts may be full of holes. It’s only a matter of time before they admit it in public.

Rude Awakening #3
The Dangerous, Unintended Consequences of the Government’s Rescue Efforts Can Only Deepen, Broaden and Prolong the Economic Decline.

These include:
– The dangerous and inevitable surge in government borrowing. Even with its fairy-tale forecast of a meager 1.2 percent decline in the economy this year, the White House projects a 2009 federal budget deficit of $1.75 trillion. If you assume the average private forecast of a 2 percent GDP decline, the deficit automatically grows beyond $2 trillion. And the only neutral assumption for GDP ”no deceleration or acceleration in the 6.2 percent rate of decline now underway ”leads you to a deficit that makes the above projections look puny by comparison.

– The dangerous and inevitable surge in borrowing costs. Even in the government’s unrealistic rosy scenario, the explosion in government borrowing must drive real rates of interest sharply higher. There is simply no other conceivable scenario.

– The dangerous and inevitable damage caused by higher interest rates. When interest rates go up, they go up for nearly everyone, sweeping across the economic landscape into every home, business, or government. Result: Even a rate rise of just a few percentage points can quickly neutralize and overwhelm any benefits derived from the government’s stimulus spending, banking bailouts or expansive budget plans.

– A dangerous and inescapable two-tiered market for credit. What happens when the government pumps money into defaulting households or failing banks even while nearly all other interest rates are rising? The answer is simple: The lucky few who get government aid are able to borrow at lower interest rates. But the vast majority, not eligible for government money, must pay much higher rates than they’d pay otherwise.

– A dangerous diversion of precious capital from strong hands to weak hands. With government money pouring into the weakest households and companies, precious resources are diverted from strong hands — those who could best help bring about a recovery — to weak hands, including those who were most responsible for the bust. Already, companies like Berkshire Hathaway, despite triple-A ratings, are paying record high spreads to borrow … while banks and others which get government guarantees can borrow far more cheaply, despite abysmal credit ratings and balance sheets.

In the panic phase of the crisis now unfolding, a minority of Washington and Wall Street experts is beginning to fear these dangerous consequences. It’s only a matter of time before they openly confess their real concerns.

Sadly, though, confession is one thing; action is another. And sadly, each of these unintended consequences deepens the depression, spreads the pain, prolongs the crisis, and weakens the eventual recovery.

Rude Awakening #4
Investors Who Fail to Take Protective Action Could Lose as Much as 90 Percent In Virtually Every Asset Imaginable.

In an economic collapse of this magnitude, the only predictable bottom in the value of most assets is zero. In that context, any value investors can squeeze out of their assets that’s significantly above zero must be counted as a blessing.

Here are my forecasts for each major investment sector …
safe money report.bmp


Eight months ago, in our July 2008 Safe Money Report headlined “Major U.S. Bear Market Just Beginning to Unfold,” we set our medium-term target for the Dow Jones Industrials at 7200. Now, that target has been reached.

Then, three months ago, in our December 2008 Safe Money headlined “Starting Now: America’s Second Great Depression,” we set a new target at 5500 on the Dow.

And three weeks ago, based on the fundamental measures provided by Claus Vogt, editor of the German edition of our Safe Money Report, we have further revised that forecast to
– 5000 on the Dow
– 500 on the S&P 500, and
– 900 on the Nasdaq.

Today, Dow 5000 may seem far away. But with the Industrials closing at 7063 on Friday, it’s actually relatively close: All that’s needed to reach 5000 is another 29 percent decline — a modest move in contrast to the massive wipeouts already witnessed in the shares of our nation’s largest banks.

And in America’s Second Great Depression, the averages could easily fall to even lower levels.


Real Estate:

Chief economist Mark Zandi of Moody’s forecasts a possible “mild depression” scenario, in which the average price of a home — already down 27 percent from its peak — could fall another 20 percent. What he does not tell us how far home prices could fall in a worst-case, 1930s-type depression scenario. But I will: As much as 80 or even 90 percent from peak to trough.

Meanwhile, commercial real estate prices could fall with equal speed. As Mike Larson reported this week, the issuance of commercial mortgage-backed securities plunged 95 percent last year … S&P expects their delinquency rates to triple this year … and the resulting credit shutdown is already driving prices into a tailspin.



While Zandi forecasts a possible mild depression, his own colleagues at Moody’s Bond Rating division are forecasting bond default rates that denote an inevitable severe depression.

Indeed, Moody’s announced last week that
– It expects the number of defaults on high-yield bonds to triple this year to about 300, the worst since the early 1980s when the high-yield bond market first emerged …
– The default rates on those bonds could reach 15 percent, higher than that registered during the Great Depression …
– And default rates could rise even further — to 20 percent — if the economy deteriorates more than currently expected.

Even assuming Moody’s less pessimistic forecast, a 15-percent default rate will gut the price of nearly all corporate bonds, regardless of rating.

Add the inevitable surge in interest rates driven by massive government borrowing, and you can see how most corporate bonds could lose anywhere from half to 90 percent of their current market value.


Last week, the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) announced that
– The number of troubled banks jumped from 76 at year-end 2007 to 252 at year-end 2008.
– The assets held by problem banks jumped to $159 billion, up more than seven-fold from $22 billion a year earlier.
But it appears that most of the large banks that have already failed or been bailed out by the government — IndyMac, Washington Mutual, Citigroup and Bank of America — were never on their list to begin with.

And based on our own lists of weak banks, the number in jeopardy is many times larger than the FDIC indicates.

This raises immediate questions about the FDIC’s ability to flag problem banks. And it raises fundamental questions regarding the government’s future ability to guarantee the deposits of millions of Americans.

My forecast: Expect to lose at least half and possibly up to 90% of your money in uninsured deposits of failing banks. And although it is not an immediate concern, in America’s Second Great Depression, even insured depositors could lose money.


Your Urgent Action

First and foremost, get your money to safety. Follow the instructions in our free survival booklet, which we’ve just updated. In it, you’ll find step-by-step instructions on how to buy Treasury bills, what to do with your 401(k), how to get rid of risky stocks, how to find a strong bank, how risky is your insurance company, plus more.

Second, in the guide, be sure to check our handy lists covering the weakest and strongest banks and thrifts, the weakest and strongest insurers, plus select U.S. brokers.

Third, use this bear market to build wealth. Dedicate an hour to watching our video, “The 11 Laws of Bear Market Success,” now available for your immediate viewing. Just turn up your computer speakers and click here.

Fourth, let me show you exactly what I’m planning to do this month with my own money — to transform this massive crisis into an equally massive profit opportunity. Click here for my latest report.

Good luck and God bless!


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Here is a list of Groups who do keep the Barley to begin the year and the sighting of the moon to begin the month. Once you do this then you and even a child can know when the Holy Days will be just by counting. Where you can buy a wall calendar that tells you when each new moon will be seen. I urge you all to order one ASAP.

Joseph F Dumond
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