News Letters For the Year 5843
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Joseph F. Dumond

Joe Started Sightedmoon in 2005 to assist him in spreading his understanding of the Sabbatical and Jubilee Years according to Torah.
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Published: Dec 15, 2007 - (5856)
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News letters 5843-001 Sighted Moon day unsure of and Daniel Prophesy Relationship

News letters 5843-002 Determining the possible day of Passover having not seen the moon since November

News letters 5843-003 Excitement of Not knowing. Testing of Faith

News letters 5843-003 New Moon Sighted and the Month is Aviv

News letters 5843-004 Passover message and counting the Omer

News letters 5843-005 136 The Years of Jubilee

News letters 5843-006 138 This year of 5843 or the Jewish year 5767 Why the difference? The missing Kings.

News letters 5843-007 144 The Day the Messiah died in relation to proving the Jubilee years are correct. The year Israel enters the promised land. The Millennial years as a prophetic week of Jubilee years.

News letters 5843-008 161Wave sheaf offering, Thief on the cross and going to Heaven when you die, Pentecosts Hidden Meaning

News letters 5843-009 163 The Eighth Millenium and the Eighth Day Feast. Sunday and Satan. Eighth Day and Jubilee Year

News letters 5843-010 165 Land Rest Year and Jubilee Years. Does Yahweh consider them important? Where is Israel today.

News letters 5843-011 Conclusion of the counting of the omer and the Jubilee Messages. Now the curses are explained.

News letters 5843-012 The 50th day of Pentecost. How Noah knew the end was when his father died.

News letters 5843-013 251 My trip to Noahs Ark from the beginning.

News letters 5843-014 308 Description of Noahs Ark and the Length and width. What is a cubit? The Golden section or Ratio

News letters 5843-015 402 Noahs Ark the Height Ziggurats and Volume

News letters 5843-016 The Location of Noahs Ark from all sources. Naxuan and Seron. Mt. Judi, Mt. Mashar

News letters 5843-017 417 What exactly is Gopher wood? Easter Eggs and Doves and the relationship to Noahs Ark

News letters 5843-018 473 Explanation of How Noah felt warning everyone and only His eight heeded his warning.

News letters 5843-019 480 Locating the Garden of Eden from scriptures and How it and the temple are related.

News letters 5843-020 497 New Moon report 5th month

News letters 5843-021 The Serpent of the Garden of Eden and Witchcraft

News letters 5843-022 497 Ellen G White Kept the Feasts Of Yahweh

News letters 5843-023 494 The Iron Man Race, Coveting versus Giving Thanks, Encouragement and Endurance

News letters 5843-024 500 Jubilee Chart and the stock market, Men to remain pure, Calendars Why you need to Know

News letters 5843-025 501 Letter of Wisdom on Fasting and Prayers

News letters 5843-026 506 Groups under siege and why. Why you can’t know when Messiah returns and why you can. When He was born and which moon is the beginning of the month

News letters 5843-027 521 The Postponement Rules in Effect, and how they cause you to sin

News letters 5843-028 552 The Question of the Equinox

News Letter 5843-029 558 The Mark of the Beast and the Mark of Yahweh.

News letter 5843-030 563 The Feast of Trumpets Why Judah does not know the meaning of this day.

News Letter 5843-031 565 The Glory that is contained in the Stars

News Letter 5843-032 611 Pay it Forward at the Feast this year

News Letter 5843-033 664 Beit Midrash not enemies

News Letter 5843-034 689 Zechariahs Prophecy Comes to Life

News Letter 5843-035 728 The Tallit Prayer Shawl

News Letter 5843-036 1132 Lets Roll, Who will stand in the Gap?

News Letter 5843-037 1136 The Statutes of the House of Omri

News Letter 5843-038 New Moon Update November 11,2007

News Letter 5843-039 The House of Omri written in stone

News Letter 5843-040 1287 The Gentiles Revealed, the Tribe of Manasseh and Ephraim

News Letter 5843-041 1353 The Scots, The Dutch, The Irish Other Tribes. The Yanks

News Letter 5843-042 1382 The Actual Birthday of Yahshua according to the bible

News Letter 5843-043 1380 The Worship of Moloch

News Letter 5843-044 1375 English and Welsh and Hebrew similarities. The royal line of Judah in Britain

News Letter 5843-045 1391 The Stone that Roared

News Letter 5843-046 1927 Joseph of Arimathea

News Letter 5843-047 2025 The King of The South

News Letter 5843-048 2020 The King of the North. Who is He? Daniel 11

News Letter 5843-049 2154 The Whore and The Beast

News Letter 5843-050 2290 The Seven Resurrections of The Fourth Empire

News Letter 5843-051 2369 Germany and Assyria are the Same People

News Letter 5843-052 2441 The Hammer of Thor Which Breaks in Pieces- The Swastika

News Letter 5843-053 2455 The King of the North and the South Unified in Satan

News Letter 5843-054 2465 Speaking tour & Red Sea Crossing

News Letter 5843-055 2470 Speaking Tour Update

News Letter 5843-056 2468 Prophecy Club Speaking Tour

News Letter 5843-057 2612 Easter and it’s False Teachings and a study on The Prophet Mosheh and the Name of YHWH

News Letter 5843-058 2725 Preparing for the Days of Unleavened Bread

News Letter 5843-059 2733 Third Tithe, Banking Crisis, Food Crisis the Silent Famine


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