Living With An Unconverted Mate
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Joseph F. Dumond

Joe Started Sightedmoon in 2005 to assist him in spreading his understanding of the Sabbatical and Jubilee Years according to Torah.
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Published: Aug 25, 2006 - (5856)
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In May 2003 a United Church of God member asked about literature concerning spouses that are not in the church. Joe Dumond’s spouse is not a church member, and never has been, and many a time is very antagonistic towards the church. I have been baptized since 1983, and started to attend World Wide Churrch of God in 1982. We were married in Oct. 1978.

I thought that the lessons I have learned over the years would be of help to those who are now dealing with this challenge. My relationship will be different and many unconverted mate marriages are unique unto them selves. I hope that you who have this opportunity to learn can glean some thing from my past lessons that can help you.

It has been said that only one who has already lost a mate can understand the pain of another who has been recently widowed. Or only an alcoholic can understands the struggle of someone caught up in the addiction. Unless you are in that boat or have been there, it is not easy for you or someone outside to understand all the emotions anxiety and fears that are going on inside the person dealing with the problem. So it is with someone who has an unconverted mate. You may be able to empathize and listen but you can not fully understand the dilemma.

So I am going to explain my storie in order that others may see and learn and be able to apply different things to their own relationships. As the questioner states the church has no literature on this topic.This is my story.

Joe Dumond
I was working away from home in construction and came home once or twice a month. While away one time I heard Mr. Armstrong on the radio, late one night and he tweaked my interest. Twice that same week I heard him again right after work and he angered me some how insulting my intelligence. I ordered the booklets and was going to prove him wrong. Shortly after this I was laid off for the winter as was normal and started to read day and night locking myself in the spare room and not coming out for days.

Once in a while I would rush out and tell my wife to look at what I had just learned. I got the look, like who cares. She was busy with our second child who had just arrived one year after the first. She was busy taking care of them while I hunkered down to read. This did not go over well.

At the end of winter I had finally admitted I was wrong concerning all that Mr. Armstrong had said, and started to keep the Sabbath, by locking the door and not going out of the room. This too was not good as my wife needed help with the babies and I wasn’t going to work on the Sabbath. I soon started to attend in Toronto in the spring of 1982. Six weeks later I landed a job in Quebec and was gone. My wife was pleased, as that religion too, was gone . But while I was away I was attending Church and learning and getting exited. This was great stuff. I would come home once a month for the weekend. Arriving home around supper Fri. night and resting for the Sabbath and then went to services on Saturday. Saturday night I spent with the family as well as Sunday and would leave to go back to Quebec Sunday late after noon. And so it was all summer and fall up until Dec. 24th. For three years.

That first year in the church I had learned about Christmas and couldn’t believe how duped I was. I told my wife we no longer were going to keep Christmas, and she protested. I arrived home Christmas eve late and we argued on Christmas day and I threw out the tree with all the dressings still on it on boxing day. I was after all the head of the family and the man of our house. I was in charge! So for the next month I slept on the couch and fed myself and was ignored totally because I was in charge. But I was not yet done. I figured all I had to do was convert my wife and all would be normal again. So for the rest of that winter I tried to convert her. And then I was baptized just before Passover. Now I was really a Christian.

I am telling you all this not for my glory but to my shame. In my calling I was trying to call every one that was dear to me so we all could be saved together. Basically so I wouldn’t have to do this Christian thing by myself. But the more I tried to convert my wife and extended family members the more alienated I became. And that also meant that my wife was being alienated too because of me. Soon we had very few friends and relatives that would visit.

So I would develop friends in the Church. And as I introduced them to my wife they would at some time try to convert her. Asking why she was being so pagan keeping Christmas and why she can’t see the truth.

I found this funny at first hoping someone would crack her. But it was years before I learned my lesson.

The two things my wife hates to hear the most are pagan beliefs and the wife submitting to the husband. I have and many of the church brethren have worn her out with these two expressions.

Surprisingly my wife and I are still married and well be Celebrating our 25th Anniversary this Feast in 2003. She has agreed to come to the feasts every year I have gone but one. I do not object to her beliefs anymore, and we agree to disagree. I now defend her from zealous church members. I no longer force her to come to services and I don’t preach to her about things at all. She once in a while reads the Good news to see what I am up to, and then asks some questions until I open my mouth to answer. So, we after 20 year now have some peace in our relationship. My wife had to learn to be a wife as all Brides do but mine also had to learn to this with a husband who was away half the time and a religious fanatic that was different from all the religions known, and yet she stuck it out.

Paul says that if the spouse is willing to stay with the Christian then let them stay. And if they wish to depart let them go. And also why should you be unequally yoked. These things were said to me when my wife and I were considering divorce. But Moses said God allowed divorce because of our stiff necks. My wife even said I would be happier if I married so and so and that one there, as long as they were in the church… and I was beginning to believe her.

But the whole point to all this suffering that I have learned is that it was brought on by me alone. No one else. Not my wife just me. Because in all the things I was learning I was not allowing her time to learn. The more I forced her to do things the harder her heart was against God. The more brethren that gave her that little shot or pagan dig the harder her heart became. The more religious, people were in front of her, the more disgusted she grew. It took me about ten years to learn that the light that shines on the hill doesn’t make a noise. Not a peep. And yet I was called to be that light. A light that makes noise is generaly one that is about to go out!

And that’s another thing. I was the one called. God knew I needed the work done to me the most so he called me first. My wife, I see now is already a Saint. She must be for putting up with me all these years. When God wants her to come he well call her and she well come. But what if I forced her to come and she went through all the motions then after a time rejected God. That would be worst than anything. So I leave it to God to decide when it is best for her to be called.

Another thing I was always concerned about was the time when we would be leaving for the place of safety. What about my family who are not in the church. Christ has said that they who are not willing to leave spouse , parents or family weren’t worthy of him. But that would be very hard. Then recently I was told that Noah was the one called but God allowed him to take his whole family on the ark, even though they were not all righteous. And at Jericho Rahab was told to have her whole family in the room in order to save them. And Lot too was allowed to save his family even though some did not go and his wife even turned back. So I believe God well allow our family the opportunity to flee too if they choose to do so.

I wanted to be like other church families so bad. It saddened me. Then after many years I realized how special my situation was but could not figure out why until recently. Love. Real love is the thing that God is trying to form in all of us. Some he works with one way and others another. But Us (with an unconverted Mate), he has to call one to teach them real love. You have to love them when you are ridiculed and made fun of. I have to love my wife when she hates me and wishes me dead because of my belief’s. You have to love them when you feel all alone in your beliefs. And you have to help others so you don’t think only of yourself. Yes it is hard at times and easy to feel woe is me. To have your own pity party. But your are learning things that married couples in the church and singles in the church well never know or completely understand. That is how to really love your mate when they all but hate you for being so different. This can only be taught by experiencing it first hand. It is a strange position. Yet a unique one.

Congratulations on the good fortune that God is about to show you if you allow Him too. It well be challenge.

In 2006 My wife and I are still married. We have had our problems and struggles even very recently. Prayer and Love and a forgetful memory help ( forgetting past fight). I love my wife. And even though we have had so many bad arguments and said so many hurtful things, to each other. The thing I remember most is that after each argument and some time to let things heal, there is always the make love. If you walk out, you’ll miss out on the make love.
May our Father Yahweh help you to learn to love even when you are hated by those closest to you.


  1. Diane

    This was very helpful to me, Thank you for being so open . My husband of 43 years is unconverted, and I had hoped he would see and understand just how wonderful this way of life is,He doesn’t and does not want much of anything to do with God, I have been put in a place where I felt that I was to be more submissive . In learning how to be more submissive to him then I am doing more of what Yahweh wants of me. I long for fellowship of another to be able to talk about Yahwehs goodness and love and I know He will help my husband in His own time and His own way. This is all still so new to me as I have only been shown this way of life just in this past year and more as this year is comming to a close. It is a 360 from how I was raised and I was shocked to learn that what I was taught was all wrong and built on man tridictions and not Yahwehs. Again ,thank you for this as I can relate to much of what you have wrote in some way.

  2. EwanR

    Best Joe
    Thank you for sharing your life with your wife with us.
    I have a simulare situation with my wife. We have been married for 12 years and have two children together.
    About four years ago I started keeping the Shabbath on my own after reading Gen 2 and having the Spirite convince me to keep the Shabbath. I did not know how to keep the Shabbath so I used the internet to read what the Jews did.
    My wife went along the first Friday evening but by the end of the second Friday evening she rebelled and refused to join me in keeping the Shabbath any more.
    So for the first two and a half years I kept the Shabbath on my own at home and did not know of anyone else who did. I prayed to YHWH to bring me to people who walked in HIS Way and kept HIS Commandments.
    Father YHWH answerd my prayers and introduced me to two families who live close to me who keep Shabbath and keep the Feast days and the Torha. When I started joining them on Shabbat and spending most of the day with them it stared bugging my wife again.
    We have had many horrible feights about the Shabbath and keeping the Commandments. My parents-in-law have also had a dig at me for useing the Hebrew names and not going to church on Sunday and so on.
    I feel the most pain on the Feast days when I stand outside and blow the shofar at sunset. My children join me and also blow the shofar but I cannot sit with them around the table and read out of the Scriptures and talk about the instructions of YHWH to us.
    I pray that YHWH would call my wife and children so that we as a familie may worship HIM in Spirit and in Truth, together.
    Your open and honist letter has given me hope and some understanding why some of us have to endure for the sake of our faith.
    Thank you again
    South Africa

  3. cd

    Thanks so much addressing this topic. It is a struggle I deal with as well. My wife and I are both Christians, but I was awakened to the truth of Torah for all believers in Yeshua in 2006. She doesn’t believe this way – she still holds to mainline Christian teachings that the instructions in Torah are not for us – the Feast Days are for the Jews only as well as Shabbat. She now accepts my celebrating of the weekly Shabbat, but it was a large source of contention the first year. Even now, periodically, we have arguments about it.
    The thing that spoke most to me in your article is about the celebration of Christmas, Easter, etc. in my home. We have 2 young children (8 and 12) and my wife is very much a traditionalist, especially about the holidays. She won’t consider stopping these celebrations. I struggle every year with how to handle this. If I allow it, am I saying that I love her more that YHVH? Should I just demand it be stopped?
    I found comfort in what you said about not forcing them to change. That’s not my job – it’s the job of the Holy Spirit to call them. I do my best to teach my children the Torah, and as they get older, I will let them know my beliefs about Christmas, Easter, Halloween, etc. But for now, I’m just trying to love my wife and, as you said on your radio interview (June 2011) with Jono on, lead by example.
    BTW, thanks for doing that radio interview with Jono. That’s how I found out about this article on your site. I pray that YHVH will continue to lead you in your marriage. Thanks again for addressing a topic that I’ve never heard addressed before, but is always on my mind.
    Alabama, USA


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