How Many of the Messianic Brethren are about to be Deceived

Joseph F. Dumond

Joe Started Sightedmoon in 2005 to assist him in spreading his understanding of the Sabbatical and Jubilee Years according to Torah.
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Published: May 22, 2009 - (5856)
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News Letter 5845-011
27th day of the Second month 5845 years after creation
The Second Month in the Sabbatical Year
The Second Sabbatical Year of the 119th Jubilee Cycle
The 42nd day in the count to Pentecost


May 23, 2009


Shabbat Shalom Brethren,

The first article on the Prophecies of Abraham that we covered was the one on a severe famine which is due to come in 2010, which can be read at

We then covered the Prophecy of Abraham which shows when Judgment is to come and it can be read at This is to come during the 10 years of Judgment from 2024-2033 also known as the 10 days of awe from the Feast of Trumpets to the Day of Atonement.

We next looked at the coming war with the King of the North and the King of the South united in an attack against the ten lost tribes of Israel. This, Abraham also shows us is to come to a climax in 2020 and can be read at This period is during the 4th curse of Sabbatical cycle and is from 2017 to 2023 with the worst thing imaginable taking place in 2020.

Last week we showed you when Judah and the State of Israel are to be invaded and by whom. This is the King of the North, Assyria, Germany and is to come during the next 7 year Sabbatical cycle of pestilence and famines. More precisely in the year of 2013CE. This can be read at

Brethren you need to read this series on the Prophecies of Abraham and you need to watch the DVD on the Chronological Order of Prophecies in the Jubilee. It is your families’ future that is on the line or will be very soon.

This week we shall show you how those who follow and teach the doctrines of the Illuminate and the Jesuits, and the free masons and all those secret societies that are not so secret, are being used by Satan to set up the Brethren into worshipping him, Satan.

When you consider all that I have shown you this past month from the Prophecies of Abraham and how they match up precisely with the Prophecies shown to us in the Sabbatical and Jubilee cycles, then it should shock you to realize just how far down the road to being deceived by Satan so many Messianic groups already are. This week we will show you exactly how they are willingly deceived. I hope each of you takes it upon yourselves to share this with your brethren and help them to see before they pay with their lives.

To read the rest of this week’s News Letter go to
As we are now just a week away from the Feast of Pentecost I would invite those who have not already done so and are interested in learning about Pentecost; You can go to the Hidden Meaning in Pentecost, at
Following up on the News Letter from last week, I just received this in my inbox and will listen to it tonight. I wanted to share it with you who still doubt. The Ten Tribes were Destined to Become Gentiles! Prophesied Union of the Ten Tribes with Gentile Nations!
[Based mainly Upon the first three chapter of the Book of Hosea]

Shabbat Shalom
Joseph F Dumond
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