Endorsements from those who have read the book.

Joseph F. Dumond

Joe Started Sightedmoon in 2005 to assist him in spreading his understanding of the Sabbatical and Jubilee Years according to Torah.
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Published: Jan 29, 2010 - (5856)
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4.0 out of 5 stars Prophecies of Abraham, February 11, 2011

By James R Fincham (CHARDON, OH, US) – See all my reviewsThis review is from: The Prophecies of Abraham: Declaring the end from the beginning, And from ancient times things that are not yet done (Paperback)
Greetings and Shalom to Prophecy minded believers! The Prophecies of Abraham is an excellent review of Scripture, that, in my view, objectively reviews Prophecy concerning the Last Days, from the perspective of the Jubilee Cycles. Gen 6:3 says that the days (read cycles from a Hebrew perspective) is now limited to 120. That is 120 Jubilee cycles. According to the book, we are in the 120th Jubilee cycle, the third sabbatical cycle. According to Leviticus 26, (this denotes blessings for obedience as well as cursings for disobedience) the Jubilee cycles are addressed in 7 year cycles where in YHWH says “if you will not obey me I will curse you 7 times—” There are curses pronounced for each successive 7 year cycle. Each added to the next. You will be amazed how the observations of this book match up with what is happening today. Amazingly, using that which is written being for our learning, we may not be as close to the coming of Yeshua (Christ) as many “teachers” would have you believe!! This is perhaps one of the best perspectives on the “Last Days” prophecies I have in my library. Joe does not prophesy in and of himself, only brings a perspective of Scripture I am blessed to have in my understanding.


4.0 out of 5 stars Bible End-Time Prophecy from a New Perspective, February 15, 2011

By Stephen Dehnke (CARLISLE, PA, US) – See all my reviewsThis review is from: The Prophecies of Abraham: Declaring the end from the beginning, And from ancient times things that are not yet done (Paperback)
First-time book author Joseph F. Dumond provides an innovative and fascinating look into the sequence of Bible eschatology by viewing the lives of the Patriarchs, most notably Abraham, as symbolic prophetic statements. Although the book’s primarily pastel yellow cover is not particularly impressive in appearance, no one should allow it to deceive them into thinking that the same holds true with the book’s content. This book is explosive with its outlook of near-future events, dated to specific coming years. Using end-time Bible prophecy and the recurring patterns of history as his guide, the author paints a vivid and frightening portrait of events expected to occur in the next 30 or so years — some of them already transpiring as predicted. As Mr. Dumond capably demonstrates, not only were the recorded events in the lives of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Joseph, and others in the Bible written down for an example of righteous living but also as a precursor of prophetic events to come. Specifically, these “prophecies” are set to play out during the final Jubilee cycle, coinciding with Yah’shua (Jesus) the Messiah’s return on the heels of the apocalyptic epic events described in the book of Revelation. Before undertaking this study, Mr. Dumond pinpointed the major events recorded in the Bible and then correlated them with the 49-year Sabbatical Year cycles, each culminating in a Year of Jubilee in the 50th year. Thus, all of the major events of Biblical history and world history since the 1st Century have been charted according to these cycles. By cross-referencing the Biblical records of Sabbatical and Jubilee years with the accounts of ancient historians such as Herodotus and Josephus, Mr. Dumond was able to establish the precise dates of the 120 Jubilee cycles, as decreed in Genesis 6:3. Thus, he determined that the most recent Jubilee Year occurred in 1996. The next one is scheduled to occur in 2045. Symbolically interpreting the events in the patriarchs’ lives and linking them with the list of curses found in Leviticus 26 for violating YHWH’s Torah, Mr. Dumond presents numerous colorful charts throughout the book to show a recurring pattern played out with each Jubilee cycle. As shown through both history and current events, this pattern climaxes during the final Jubilee cycle — with dramatic catastrophic consequences for the world, especially for the present-day descendants of the ancient Israelites. These were the people freed from hopeless enslavement who made a covenant with the Almighty, YHWH, on Mt. Sinai to faithfully keep His commandments throughout their generations. Because these commandments have been forsaken, curses have been brought upon the earth. While the projected outlook seems full of doom and gloom, the author also provides considerable Scriptural reassurances of the unwavering love YHWH has for His people. Deliverance from the judgments to come has been promised to the faithful. More than ever, this is a time to be fervent in faith. Needless to say, there will be those who strongly disagree with the author’s views and interpretations of Bible eschatology in this book, as well as the prophetic outlooks he provides in his weekly online Sighted Moon Newsletter. In the end, history will be the final arbiter of fulfilled prophecies. Despite whatever differences readers may have with Mr. Dumond’s views, they may still find it worthwhile to obtain a copy of this book if for no other reason than to familiarize themselves with the recurring patterns found within the Sabbatical and Jubilee cycles. It should be noted that a correlation between the seven-year cycles and prophetic events is indicated by the prophetic timeline Daniel received, Daniel 9:24-27. Perhaps what is most amazing is that this aspect of Bible prophecy has been mostly overlooked up to now.


Shalom Joseph,
Many thanks for your kind words.
I have spoken to the Professorate of Calvary University and they have accepted your book “Prophecies of Abraham” and your DVD “Chronological Order of Prophecies in the Jubilees” as part of the Curriculum for both Messianic Studies (Hebraic Roots) as well as for Midrashic Echatology (Jewish Eschatology), WELL DONE!!! Please see link http://www.hrti.co.za/PrescribedBooks.aspx for the detail. Click on Sighted moon on this page and please see if all 4 links are working from your side. Also scroll down to the bottom of the page and see the pics of the book/DVD.

Well done my friend, your material which you worked so hard on will now be ordered by every person globally enrolling from Diploma upwards. Your material is now University Prescribed Material, that does not happen every day!

With Shalom in Y’shua haMashiach I greet you and yours
Prof WA Liebenberg


Dear Joseph,
I have worked through your book as well as the DVD – two words “mind blowing”!
Apologies for taking some time, I did not want to rush through it. Please find attached the Endorsement as requested.
Hope this is what you were looking for.
PS. Please feel free to improve the sentences if you need to
With Shalom in Y’shua haMashiach I greet you (see further below what this greeting entails)
Prof WA Liebenberg

Y’shua said, if you love me do my commantments (Torah) … Believers have left the commandments of God to follow the traditions of men, and the end is awful to contemplate … we need to get back to our ancient paths – You don’t “convert” people – you persuade them “to return” (Dogs may bark but the caravan will move on …)

Midrashic Eschatology & Hebraic Roots Teaching Institute
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19 March 2010
Dear Joseph,
Re: Endorsement: “The Prophecies of Abraham”
Herewith please find the endorsement as requested by you for the abovementioned

If your future has always baffled you, this book is the key to unlock its mysteries. In my 15 years as an Eschatology and Hebraic Roots teacher, I’ve never run across a book that made such an impact on me; I’m recommending this book to every student of mine who has been passionate with holy-living and end-time events; If I knew then what I know now about YHWH’s Jubilee years, I’d rather become a Sabbatical/Jubilee Researcher
explaining YHWH’s appointed judgments on an ignorant world not adhering to His instructions about His Appointed Times.”

Thank you for your wisdom and sound teaching of this book. The video is well presented and to the point. It refutes any teaching attempting to prove that the Old Covenant and its principles are not in tack anymore.

Prof WA Liebenberg


I have finished your book and am on the second reading. My head is spinning. If this proves to be true, and our El is consistent and an El of order, it gives a sense of urgency. What else should we be proclaiming? I have begun to ask myself when I study, what is the end result of this study? Will it make a difference in the end? Why am I studying this? Will it help me to get through? Is it significant for this time?
Fran Regan


Shalom Joseph,
I am on another reading at present. It is amazing how much I missed the first 2 times around.
Four generations from Abraham bringing us down to our time. That is another witness besides Daniel’s.

The patterns and cycles put in place by our Creator from the beginning of time continue in ever widening circles – “…the end from out of the beginning…” – “…the same, yesterday, today and forever…”
The Prophecies of Abraham show this Truth in amazing detail. You will be astounded by the symmetry of The Word. “It is the glory of Elohim to conceal a matter, and the glory of sovereigns to search out a matter.” Prov. 25:2
Joseph Dumond has searched out in great detail Elohim’s Truth for today. A Truth that understanding and obeying it can mean the difference between life and death for you and your loved ones. For their sakes and for yours, it would only greatly benefit you to give this book an honest hearing.

Fran Regan


This is a very difficult endorsement to write as a former senior field grade officer in the U.S. Armed Forces, one who served on the
Joint Chiefs of Staff as a Senior Emergency Action officer and as a Senior Planner for Strategic Plans & Policies in the Pentagon.

The bittersweet nature of this endorsement has nothing to do with either the quality of Joe Dumond’s work, nor with any fundamental disagreement with his conclusions. Rather, it has everything to do with the realization that the Nation which I served and loved is on a un-equivocable path of destruction before the end of this decade. That is a bitter realization to reach!

Likewise, as much as I love my country, I would be less than honest were I to say that our Nation lived by the laws of its founding
fathers. It has not and neither has it lived by the laws of our planet’s founder, the Father of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. Our
Creator, is the one to whom I owe an even greater degree of loyalty and allegiance to. A commissioned officer’s sworn oath, concludes with the phrase “to protect the Constitution from all enemies, foreign and domestic. So help me God!” This phrase implicitly recognizes the Entity to which the greater allegiance is owed and never contemplates that the Creator, referenced in our Nation’s founding documents (to wit: Declaration of Independence, Constitution, Bill of Rights), would ultimately judge us as lawless and discipline us as a necessary imperative.

The rightousness and justice of our Creator, has been, is, and will always be the same, irrespective of the acceptance of mankind!
If that is hard for some of my fellow citizens to grasp, it is not that He has changed but rather our view of Him has changed
dramatically within the past several generations. Yes, He is love, but He equally embodies justice. As a babyboomer, the idyllic life that many of us have lived, which we consider the “norm” is anything but that when contrasted with all of Biblical history. We wanted for nothing, because we thought we had everything, everything except living by our Creator’s Commandments just as our Messiah did when He ministered directly to us, here on earth: For the Messiah of all Israel, of which we are a physical and spiritual part stated: “If you love me, keep My commandments!” While we may have loved Him, we have dramatically failed as a Nation to keep His commandments. Now, as a loving Father must discipline his children, we as a Nation are on the precipice, as we are about to be held to account for our lawlessness.

As such, we have transformed previous Blessings, into present and future Curses!

We are entering the third of five Curses, that of Famine & Pestilence beginning later this year! This Curse is set to continue on through 2017, whereupon, He will add the Curse of the Sword, which is destined to totally destroy us as a Nation. With only 10% of our Nation judged righteous, 300,000,000 Americans or thereabout will perish. Perish as in loss of their temporal life, and therefore not necessarily omitted from the Book of Life.

Destruction and death at this tremendous scale virtually assures the use of thermonuclear weapons. Based on my uniquely qualified background, one which undoubtedly our Creator had a hand in arranging, I could not initially understand how we could be destroyed without totally destroying our adversary. However, according to prophecy, our adversary survives to temporarily enjoy the fruits of victory. As I meditated on the issue and prayed over it, all of a sudden a credible and plausible scenario emerged in thought, one where U.S. National Command Authority (NCA) responded in kind, launching and delivering swiftly many of our strategic weapons only to strike an innocent third-party who, itself found no alternative but to then respond to our mistaken
attack while the actual perpetrator watched from the sideline. So it continued until the supply of thermonuclear warheads were exhausted, and various command, control, and communication centers no longer existed.

This is a MUST READ! Whether you end up personally agreeing or not, you will have made a decision which will effect, for better or worse, your immediate family, especially your children and/or grandchildren!




“Guard MY Sabbaths and reverence MY Set Apart Place, I Am YaHuWaH”
Wayyiqra 26:2

What I am about to share with you is the incredible journey that I and my wife have been on for the past two months or so of studying out the Sabbatical and Jubilee Cycles as Yahuwah commands us to do in Wayyiqra 25. It is a path that has been truly amazing and has only been orchestrated by our Heavenly Abba,YaHuWaH, and it is still going….

It all began a few weeks before we knew if the barley was Aviv in Israel according to the biblical calendar of keeping Yahuwah’s Feasts. The subject of the Sabbatical and Jubilee Cycles had come up to me a few times already from various places , but I was planning a trip to Israel for the feast of Unleavened Bread, so I was going to plan on researching it a little more in depth once I returned. During the making of our plans, I asked some friends on Face Book if they had any some information on believers going to Israel for the Feast. One of those I inquired of this was Nehemia Gordon. My friends and I had wanted to spend Pesach and our entire trip with fellow believers and not just touring around like most that go to the Land. We prayed for Yahuwah to lead our every step.

So Nehemia suggested I contact Joseph Dumond, he thought Joseph would have some suggestions for us as well as us meeting in the Land since Joseph was going to be there for the Feast. I then contacted Joseph on Face Book and we became friends. After that I noticed he had been mentioning the Sabbatical and Jubilee Cycles on his page and talking about a book he had written on the subject. Joseph and I made plans to meet in Jerusalem so I told him we could discuss the contents of his book when we met in the Land. I never heard of Joseph or his ministry before Nehemia suggested I contact him. After I met him on Face book I began to check out some things from his website. I was looking forward to meeting him in the Land.

Finally it was time to for me and my two friends to head to Eretz Yisrael! None of us had ever been there before and we were so excited to see the Land that Yah had promised to the tribes of Israel. This is where things get exciting folks!

Joseph Dumond was in Israel a week before we were. We arrived the day before Preparation Day for Pesach. Our plans were to rest that evening after a long flight and the next day get prepared for Pesach. The last contact Joseph and I had was am email telling me which hostel he was at and to come there when we arrived in Jerusalem. So the next morning I and a friend went to that hostel to find Joseph. The guy at the hostel told us Joseph was never there. I asked him if he was sure and he said yes. I figured I would get a hold of Joseph on Face Book once we returned to our hostel but figured maybe we would not be meeting on this particular trip.

Well, things got extremely hectic from that point on in our preparation for Pesach that evening. We ended up having Pesach on the roof of Beit Shmuel Hostel, which was where we were staying a few days. The next day was the first Day of Unleavened Bread. We had a lot going on that day as well and contacting Joseph had slipped my mind. By the time I had checked my emails on Face Book it was dark and the High Sabbath was ending. I had received an email from Joseph with his phone number asking me to call him. We were on our way out the door to go to the Old City so I figured I would call him the following morning. Joseph was only going to be in Israel a few more days and I was hoping we would get to meet before he left. I was wrong.

Once I and my friends got into the Old City that night, our destination was the Jewish Quarter to eat, but one of my friends was looking for a gift to take home for someone and he was going in and out of all these shops on the way. If you have ever been to the Old City, it is filled with shops laced in idolatrous items for sale. It was literally making me sick. After about the first twenty minutes of being in this environment I was sweating like crazy and had tremendous stomach pain. Finally we made it thru there and made it to the Jewish Quarter. The other three guys I was with wanted to go hang out in the Kotel area, it was packed with people. I told them I could not stand much longer and I needed the key to the Hostel. I had told them to remain there at the Kotel, I would go back by myself. So I grabbed the key and headed back up through the Old City to get to the hostel as fast as I could.

No sooner than I opened the door to our room at the hostel, I became extremely sick and could not hold down anything. Not even water. I could not sleep for the pain my stomach was excruciating. I have had food poisoning a few times so I like most thought that was what it was at first. Then I realized I ate all the same things as the other three guys I was with. I began weeping and asking Yahuwah “why is this happening to me here of all places?” It wasn’t until the day I arrived home that I got an answer to why.

I did not recover completely until close to the end of the weekly Sabbath which was two days later. .Joseph was leaving after Shabbat so our time to meet had come and gone. The other three guys and I would spend another week in the Land before boarding our plane back to the states.

Once we boarded our first flight from Tel Aviv to Philadelphia, I and a friend of mine had noticed these two guys up in the middle of the plane carrying a bunch of shofars. They did not look Jewish, they looked like Ephraimites, or Israelites from the lost tribes like we are. That was that was said and we prepared for the long flight to Philadelphia where we would change planes to get home.

Upon arriving in Philadelphia, I and one of my friends made it thru baggage claim first and we were standing around waiting on our other friend when those two guys carrying the shofars walk by, and my friend says “hey, you guys Israelites?’ One of the gentleman says, “most ask us if we are Jewish.” Then I proceeded to tell him that we know who Israel is, that is why we ask if you are an Israelite.

We and our fellow Israelite brothers begin talking and sharing of the exciting journey that we had experienced in the Land. And somehow Joseph Dumond’s name came up in the conversation. Turns out that these two guys were with Joseph in the Land and that was why I did not find him at his hostel. That was out exploring the Land together. So Don (one of the guys who had been with Joe) asks me what my name is, so I tell him. He then turns to his friend Mark and says:”This is the guy”.

Immediately my heart starts pounding wondering what Yahuwah is doing. They told me that Joseph had brought a copy of his book “The Prophecies of Abraham” to give to me when we met in Israel. Since that meeting never transpired Joseph gave his book to Mark. I now was standing with Mark at an airport back in the U.S. We all just looked at each other for a moment stunned. Don and Mark gave me the copy of Joseph’s book. This was only arranged by Yahuwah.

Mark and Don had to jump on a different plane than we did, and both of our groups barely made it onto our flights in time. We exchanged contact information and Don has since become a very dear friend.

Upon my boarding our plane for the last leg home I start reading Joseph’s book and could not stop reading. Now I have to tell you why this is so important. I have doubted the teachings by most of the Messianic/Torah teachers around today who are telling folks that 2017 is the year Yahushua Ha Mashiach Is returning. It simply does not make sense according to Scripture. I have been seeking and asking and knocking for Yah to show me truth from HIM and not man. We have been deceived for too long and this is crucial. Yahuwah is using “The Prophecies of Abraham” to show HIS people truth. The Sabbatical and Jubilee Cycles are key to understanding Yah’s plan.

As my wife Melanie and I continued to read Joseph’s work, we became convince that all of the questions surrounding this very subject can be answered. When Melanie first found out that I was wanting to study this, she went online and ordered as many books as she could find on the Sabbatical and Jubilee Cycles .At the same time Joseph recommended I read a book by Qadesh La Yahweh Press on this subject. I had told Joseph that I was wanting another witness to his work because I just don’t believe because someone tells me to. Everything needs to be backed by Scripture and two to three witnesses. I believe Joseph’s book is backed d by Scripture but I had not received any other witnesses to it yet.

The book from Qadesh La Yahweh Press is free and downloadable from their website. The day that I downloaded it was last preparation day, and my wife picked me up from work that day. Earlier that afternoon she went to library. We had some books that came in. Once I get into the car that afternoon, the first book she hands me is the book from Qadesh La Yahweh Press in hardback. She had no idea that this was the book I downloaded….. Praise YaHuWaH!

Right now I am just beginning that book by Qadesh La Yahweh Press, but can tell you by skimming through most of it, that it is a second witness to Joseph Dumond’s “The Prophecies of Abraham”. I am also studying others who have written on this matter such as Wacholder, Zuckermann, and Josephus. We must compare all of the arguments in order to support the truth.

You see, I did not get food poisoning or the flu while in Israel. I am convinced I was spiritually attacked by Ha Satan to prevent me from obtaining Joseph”s book. But YaHuWaH worked evil for good. Now please understand that I am not asking anyone to follow Joseph Dumond, and he will tell you the same. But what I am telling you is that everyone needs to read this book and study this out. Do not be mislead by man or believe whatever comes down the messianic ministry pike.

Yahuwah says we are to keep HIS Sabbaths. That means there is more than one. These include the weekly Sabbath, the High Sabbaths for the Feasts as wells the Sabbatical and Jubilee years. These years CAN be known and figured out regardless of what others might say opposing this. Israel’s prophesied captivity is up and Yahuwah’s ways and commands are not a riddle or a mind game. HE gives wisdom to those who SEEK HIM.

Since Melanie and I began searching this and reading Joseph’s book, we have constantly been asked to share what we have come to know. We are using every avenue we have available to share this. There is so much left that need needs to happen with our ultimate goal in returning home to Israel. That is our family’s greatest desire: that Yahuwah will open the door for us to return to Eretz Yisrael and take part in the reconciliation of Ephraim and Judah. There is much work that needs to be done in that department, but the first step is showing our brother Judah that we love and obey the Torah, all of it. The rest will fall in line as long as we love. Without love, this whole ride means nothing.

If you have not read the “Prophecies of Abraham” by Joseph Dumond, I encourage you to do so and also watch the DVD’s that go with the teaching. You can find them on his website sightedmoon.com. If you already have read, or are reading the book, give credit to Joseph for his work and then as he will tell you himself, ”make the teaching your own so you can share with others”
May YaHuWaH our Elohim Bless you! In Yahushua Ha Mashiyach’s Name!

Daniel McGirr

March 13, 2010
Shabbat Shalom, Joseph,

I pray that all is well in your household! Since first receiving your newsletters over a year ago, and upon receiving and watching your DVD, I’ve slowly come to see the answers to many questions I had. I’ve been an ardent student of scriptures since I was sixteen and there were many prophecies that didn’t make sense, even after I started to follow YHUH by obeying His Torah. However, since the information YHUH led you to has now come into my life, I’m beginning to see the dots connect. While I don’t agree with everything 100%, those points of disagreement are small in comparison to the greater understanding of what the Scriptures say will happen to my brethren Yisrael.

When I first heard you had written a book, I was eager to read it but had to wait for about a month so I could save the money. Then I had to wait about another week more because for some reason it took then about four days to send it out. When it got here, though, I began to slowly consume it, reading it during my breaks at work, stopping to read my scriptures to see if what you wrote had a strong foundation. I must say, Brother Joseph, that what you are doing is a blessing! I now know who the kings of the North and South are and I sit back and curiously await the announcement of the chancellor of the EU, wondering if he is German. I sit and count the years and realize that the country of my birth has only so long before YHUH in His righteous ruling brings total destruction. It was very humbling reading this and seeing history and the future come sharply into focus.

I say that I agree with you when you say we need to go to Israel. I wish that I could. Presently it’s not in YHUH’s will, though it will happen in the future. There are many believers here that would love to move there tomorrow, if they had the resources to. I, however, want to propose something else. Since most of us do not have the means yet to relocate, perhaps believers in their respective countries should form small communities. Nothing like a commune or something like that. I was thinking that people should pray, ask for YHUH’s leading, and seek out where He wants them to go. I just think that in the next seven, fourteen, twenty years it would be wise to have believers living together, close to one another, to benefit each other in goods and in spirit. Every tabernacles I go to, I feel the spirit of YHUH keeping us in unity and helping us walk in the same direction. It’s like seeing family after such a long separation. So, why can’t we live close to one another, to benefit and protect one another, in the upcoming times of tribulation, death, and destruction. Anyway, that’s just my 2 cents.

Keep up the good work Bro. Joseph and may YHUH bless you in everything that you set to do, so that His will may be fulfilled and the Children of Yisrael return to the Torah and the Promise given to our ancestors!

In the name of YHUSHA Ha Mashiakh!

Steven D. Owen
Arkansas USA


Thank you for writhing such an intense message dear brother. I’m sorry it took me so much time to get back to you concerning this. I had to put it down at one point because my head was swimming and I think blood was about to shoot from my eyes. I read it very carefully and prayerfully. I will write a more in depth response marking where I have some differences with your research. Overall I believe YHWH has blessed you with a message that cannot be overlooked or ignored.

I’m still a bit overwhelmed with all the material and I thank you for bringing such an immensely important subject to light.

Toda Raba Achi,


Shabbat shalom,Joseph,
For the last two weeks I have not received my newsletters
from you. Your emails are one of the highlights of my week! So,last night I went to web page and printed them from there. I really prefer to get the emails so please send them. My email address has not changed so I’m not sure what went wrong. We ordered your book and my husband has not been able to put it down! We have grown to love you like a brother and enjoy reading about what you are learning. We have been part of a Hebraic fellowship for many years and have been so blessed. We bought Bullinger’s Witness of the Stars and now it’s so exciting to look up on a clear night and realize we’re seeing a message from Yahweh! My husband is fasting and praying every Sabbath for Israel and last year we did not plant a garden. That’s enough for now—keep on listening to and following our Father.
Marylynn Brown


Just recived your book today and cant wait to dig into it. also want to comment on the excellent quality service from the publisher “Authorhouse” fast service……….

Well I read thru the book ,very interesting,and I am ready to read thru it again, this information is mind blowing,seeing it all in front of you, like you present it.
Thank you ,
Kevin Doran


Shalom, shalom, shalom!!! Praise Yahweh brother Joseph,

I got the book yesterday and have been reading it since then. I must say that the book is very very powerful and very informative. I can tell that you put a lot of work and research in it. I would recommend it to any one. That book is going to help A LOT of people in these last days. You must get that book and the message out. People need to buy that book. It is worth the price. Thank you for getting it to me ASAP. I am very appreciative. I will share the info in the book with the brothers. We will also working on finishing the DVD because we just got approved this week to get our Saturday morning Sabbath service back while keeping the Friday night Sabbath service. Praise YAHWEH. So we should be getting many other things done to the glory of YAHWEH our Father in the name of YAHWSHUA the Messiah. Yahweh bless you my friend and brother. Be strong and very courageous(Joshua 1:7-9). Keep up the excellent work and spreading the word(Ephesians 6:19,20).


Johnny Wesley


Dear Joseph,

I have read most of the book you sent me. It is astonishing and I think it should be translated into German as a big eye opener.

Holger Grimme


Shalom dear Joseph,
I like the personal way how you let people know who you are from your book and that you give our Elohim the honor clearly. Your manifold comparisons with historical events that are out of sight for many people today, show clearly how diligent you worked and what efforts you have made to obtain information to compare with the Jubilees. Here is an example: I went last Sukkot to a lovely place in Switzerland where a Jewish Messianic group of congregations celebrated Sukkot and prepared a teaching.

Here, the biblical Aviv calendar and the eclipses these years, as well as the coming four blood moons were completely unknown to the whole assembly in that large white tent on a lush green meadow of a farm run by messianic Torah followers at the foothills of the majestic Alps mountains.

All that Shabbat and the coming days over hundred people were asking me so many questions that I always had a dry mouth from talking with Abba’s people there. Here in the German speaking areas in Europe is such a hunger for understanding the scriptures right in order to get rid of the man made teachings that still lead many astray. You have written such a great book that will enable many to get the answers to their questions. Unfortunately, almost all do not speak English enough to grasp and appreciate it . Thus, a translation is necessary. Please always remember, here the spiritual darkness is thicker than in the English speaking countries – and your book answers the reason for this. Besides being of Assyrian roots, at least partially, the evidence of these roots have been taking away in recent years. From the “Rotes Rathaus” (red city council building) in Trier, one of the oldest cities in Germany, that was already quite old when the Romans arrived at the Rhine, has been taken away the inscription which openly announced that the Assyrian Ninus, a son of Nimrod, founded this city and ruled the area for a long time. Try to find anything on the Internet on this, it is all taken off. Then, remember, we have the Seat of Satan in the middle of Berlin, that was the direction, US President Obama was facing when he drew an audience of over 200,000 before he got elected – and had his great speech in Berlin. Here, Pergamon Museum hosts that seat of Rev. 2:12 less than a mile away from the Reichstag and also the Ishtar Gate. After WWII, the Russians took that stool to Russia, but for some unknown reason sent it back to Berlin some years later. Besides, have a look at the travels of high ranking German politicians who frequently go to Rome to visit the German speaking pope there. That reminds one of the old “axis” some sixty five years ago. Most of the 120 million German speaking people here in Europe are totally unaware about this. Yet the sons of the most high should read your book in their language to awaken. Let’s ask our Abba to supply the means that this can be translated soon.
Kind regards,


Greetings & Shalom Brother Yosef
Received your book in the mail last Wednesday and have found it hard to put down as have others found it to be…Needed to ask you about purchasing a case as you had mentioned , how many are in a case.
We where sorry that it could not work out earlier for you coming to share the Prophecys of Abraham….Perhaps a larger number will attend come spring or summer….Be Blessed with the love of Messiah Y’shua

Shalom Melecha
Sister Elizabeth Holm

Daniel Wrote this week to say this.
Shalom brother, just wanted to update you. I am on page 100 of your book and am totally floored by the information. In recent months I have been begging Yahuwah to give me wisdom concerning things to come. We have heard others such as Michael Rood’s Jonah code and have his calendar with all his end time scenario charts and they just don’t add up in my opinion. Also have had some others and their ideas but what Yah is showing me thru your book makes so much more sense right now. I truly believe Yah has led me to this, especially with the way i received your book. I wanted to ask you if Yahuwah has confirmed these things to you by any other witnesses? melanie and I plan on watching the video you have on the jubilee and sabbatical cycles hopefully this week. I will stay in touch brother. Once again thank you.

Shalom Joe,
We have received the copies of the Prophecies of Abraham. It’s a bit of a bombshell exploding in one’s heart and mind. It has, nevertheless, caused me considerable cogitation. I have learnt so much from it, and still haven’t finished reading it. I find I have to put it down to digest the information, it is not something that I find I can, perhaps from a female mind set, just rush through it to the end. Too many why’s and wherefore’s to consider, cement, and realise all the implications, and indeed absorb all the facts therein. Although you have written in an informative and teaching manner, the ramifications are serious, long reaching, and quite scary.
WM Australia

Shalom Joseph,
Yes… I think that either of your books lend themselves to a person learning new things each time they read them.

I will be proud to have your book in my book collection & I think I will be reading it through more than once. I like the idea of reading your book in hardcopy vs. e-book. It’s easier to get more comfortable reading a book curled up on the couch or in bed than trying to read it sitting in an office chair on a computer. Granted, the book is not about subject matter that would cause a person to get too comfortable or complacent… but it will just be nice to read your book in a more relaxed manner & just for the sake of absorbing the information contained therein vs. looking for errors.

I pray that more people than you could imagine will be impacted by your book & will take the information contained therein to heart & ever so seriously. I believe you will definitely be one of Yahweh’s followers of whom He will say, “Well done, my good & faithful servant” when all is said & done.

I pray He will bless you for all the times you blessed my daughter & I monetarily & even just by giving me the opportunity to be a part of the undertaking Yahweh has called you to & for the work experience I got out of it… not to mention all the spiritual insights, revelations & prophetic warnings to make a matter of ongoing prayer & constant consideration.

Because even if I can’t prepare like some people have the ways & means to do so, at least I can pray very specifically now with regard to beseeching the Father to protect my daughter & I in all kinds of different ways. Even just knowing how to pray is a huge part of winning the battle with regard to surviving that which has already come upon us & still is yet to come. Thank you for getting the message out… both in your online book & your hands-on book. What you did is no small thing & is to be commended. It was a labor of love… because love always protects & does not seek its own.

In warning others, you have given people the ways & means of knowing how to protect themselves or how to approach their walk with Yahweh in a manner that will ensure His protection & also, in warning others, you were not in it for the popularity or seeking your own glory. For, in warning others, one also runs the risk of “offending” others as well. But you went ahead & boldly proclaimed to others the message Yahweh wanted you to proclaim. Even what you wrote in all caps was your way of making sure the message gets out there for all to heed & take to heart.

I still can’t believe that lady took it as you screaming. She just doesn’t “get it.” She doesn’t understand how important it is for people to have eyes to see, ears to hear & a heart to respond. But especially the “ears to hear” part. I am sorry for all the hate mail that has come your way. You do not deserve one bit of it. I will pray that Yahweh will make the hate mail grow strangely dim & enable you to only remember the mail that is written you from those who are pure of heart & who mean no harm.

In Earnest,

Joli Darling


I got The Prophecies of Abraham yesterday and have read it through a first time. I believe this is very important and ill do my best to spread information.

Gabriel Ljungstrand


Shalom Joseph. I just want to share one thought with you. And that is: from reading your book, i’ve come to realise that you trully have a special gift in seeing the Scriptures as a whole. You get the bigger picture and the finer details on a level that many poeple only dream of. And I realise this comes also with much hard work and studying. But I just wanted to thank you for all your hard work and to tell you that you are really blessed. Always keep this in mind, as this proves how much Yahuah loves you, and of course all His children.
P.S the book is good. I should have some feedback/questions soon, if that’s ok?
Good night.
Bless you in ha’Shem Yahuah


Wonderful read and very informative. Probably the most relevent book for our time. As soon as you begin reading the book, you can immediately tell that Joseph Dumond has done a lot of research into the behind-the-scenes information and the timelines are amazing. So much information that needs to be absorbed is contained in this one book and it is a must read.

I am blessed for having read your book Joe and I pray others are enjoying it as well.

Shalom brother,
Jared Green



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